Saturday, 14 July 2012

Aliciane now has a SOUNDCLOUD ACCT!!!~

Hee~ I have decided that making a video for all her ACT 1 songs... (most of which aren't that satisfactory to hear) would be too time-consuming... And since, it ain't that great... (ISH NOOB at that time) you guys might not want to even hear it... but anyway, it seemed like a waste of effort not to show it so I'm going to post it all there...

That is Aliciane's SoundCloud Acct. In there you'll find, genderbent Aliciane and why I decided never to do it again... If there is a song, you guys like... I'll redo it with their updated VBs and then make a video out of it... for YouTube... :D

So go visit it... You might also see some songs that I have yet to make a video of... In other words... SPOILERS! :D

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