Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Antichlorobenzene - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 1

Spice! - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 1

Dolls - Aliciane MIST CV ACT 1

Daughter of Evil (Velvet Mix) - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 1

Romeo and Cinderella - Aliciane STRONG ACT 2

Soundless Voice - Aliciane STRONG ACT 2

[acapella] Aliciane STRONG Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo

Demon Girlfriend - Aliciane STRONG ACT 2

Magnet - Aliciane STRONG and Sakura Midori ACT 2

Kimi ga Kureta Mono - Marie Nagano, Aliciane and Sakura Midori

Noiz are Nel - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 2

Summer Days, Ghost and God - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 2

In Chains - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 2

CounterClockwise - Aliciane STRONG ft. MIST

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Aliciane now has a SOUNDCLOUD ACCT!!!~

Hee~ I have decided that making a video for all her ACT 1 songs... (most of which aren't that satisfactory to hear) would be too time-consuming... And since, it ain't that great... (ISH NOOB at that time) you guys might not want to even hear it... but anyway, it seemed like a waste of effort not to show it so I'm going to post it all there...


That is Aliciane's SoundCloud Acct. In there you'll find, genderbent Aliciane and why I decided never to do it again... If there is a song, you guys like... I'll redo it with their updated VBs and then make a video out of it... for YouTube... :D

So go visit it... You might also see some songs that I have yet to make a video of... In other words... SPOILERS! :D


Well, this is just a sample and I'm not so sure on the final list yet... (I originally thought Aliciane was GUMI but in here she's Luka)

Anyway, it's still incomplete... but it's supposed to be like a Filipino chorus!!! PINOY  POWER!!!


<3 Isn't it awesome? This was our secret UTAU project... I guess you guys know now though... Only if you actually visit my blog... :P

Miku - Marie Nagano 
Luka- Aliciane STRONG 
Rin - Ame Shirohi 
Len - Coffee 
Yuki - Eri Kamiaoi

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Noiz are Nel [PV] - Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 2

Song: Noiz are Nel
Originally by: Kagamine Rin
Cover by: Aliciane STRONG CV ACT 2
UST by: UtauReizo
Art and PV by: xmegaminoaix/Shaman-Hearts
Music by: Momo'n'ga Jump!
Lyrics from: ikuy398

Aliciane's first PV YAY~

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Aliciane MIST ACT 2.5 is now out!!!

Okay, so a very kind soul decided to re-oto my Aliciane VBs and I was so happy~ So here is MIST's VB~


Oto-ed by: SmeenSKC

Domo Arigatou~~~!!!